Lau Bo Sai Gon

A chain of Vietnamese beef hot-pot restaurants, catered for the young and energetic people, a perfect meeting place with great food and cozy atmosphere to bond & connect with your friends.

If Ha Noi has 36 streets, Sai Gon is strongly connected with memorable alleys. Culinary alleys are signature of Sai Gon, it fully reflects characteristics of local people here: generous, closed, active and very creative.

Flavor of street food is fully upheld and recreated in modern and friendly ambience of Lau Bo Saigon Vivu. Beef hotpot, Pha Lau noodle, Pork rib…are signature street food dishes. Food is not only for fulfilling stomach. it comprises bonding moment with friends and families, refresh connection between people. Having meals together also enforces and nurtures core values and connects every soul, enrich ethnic culture. Come & visit Lau Bo Sai Gon Vivu, you will enjoy exciting bonding time with families and friends.